About Me

I specialise in intaglio and relief printmaking. I am intrigued by the use of materials, such as collagraph and carborundum, which allow me to create texture, layers and a richness of surface within my work. I am fascinated with the experimentation of line quality, composition, scale, shape and colour.

My current work explores the use of motifs that are derived from my response to elements of architecture that I discover when visiting heritage buildings around North Yorkshire. It is particularly the smaller, intricate details found in carvings, tiles, stained glass and ventilation grills that I find captivating. I see in these elements a sign of devotion to craftsmanship and an essence of spirituality that has inspired me to celebrate that which could easily be overlooked. The features I find in these buildings are often fading and worn away and by using a rich and vibrant colour palette I feel that my prints can begin a restorative process to bring back the original beauty of what they may have once been in their original historical setting, bringing them back to life.

I aim to create a contrast between defined shapes and more ethereal areas of colour, texture and spatial effects forming an overall abstract design that will allow the viewer to connect with the history and beauty of the elements that have inspired me.

© 2018 Anna Matyus | photographs by Lucy Saggers