Anna studied at Hereford College of Art before going on to complete a

 BA (Hons) in Surface Pattern Design at Staffordshire University.


On returning to the UK in 2016 after a decade in the Middle East where she

worked in the interior design industry and also as an art teacher, she now

works from her own home studio in Welburn, North Yorkshire. 


Anna’s work is informed and inspired by the patterns and textures from the

natural world and elements of architecture found at historical heritage

sites around North Yorkshire.


It is particularly the smaller, intricate details that she finds captivating.

Wanting to celebrate that which could easily be overlooked, or that is faded

and worn away she uses a rich and colourful palette to accentuate

these patterns and textures in her work.


Anna specialises in collagraph printmaking, which is a versatile and exciting printmaking method; the process can be printed as either intaglio, relief, or as a combination of both. Using this method of printmaking allows her to create

texture, layers and a richness of surface within her work. She is fascinated with

the experimentation of line quality, composition, scale, shape and colour.